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Support the school

The Ecole Camondo is a non-profit institution whose resources all serve our educational methods and our students attendance. In the absence of public sponsors, our School can solely rely on its students’ tuitions, training levies and private donations. Whether a substantial gesture or a symbolic one, your donations help set equity and solidarity at the heart of our values as conveyers of knowledge and culture.

The training levy

It is an easy and tangible way to contribute to an educational programme, to its international outburst, to create a unique bond with your company’s future partners and collaborators, to ensure a craftsmanship’s vibrancy and its contribution to today and tomorrow’s interpretation of the evolution of uses, while designing new spaces in all the fields or their discipline.
Business sponsorship amounts up to 6% of our School’s budget and has helped finance:

  • tuition
  • field trips in France and abroad
  • our library’s acquisition of 15 000 books and publications available for consultation on location and a database of nearly 100 works or publications available online.
  • the acquisition of computers and professional software licences
  • newer tools for the model workshop

Our “Equal opportunities” programme

The Ecole Camondo trains space designers who prospect on today and tomorrow’s uses and who are mindful of traditional, innovative or industrial craftsmanship. As a centre of excellence, it is our school’s duty to welcome a great variety of students, because we believe our School’s social diversity is a warrant of its vibrancy.

We have widely reinforced our “Equal opportunities” programme by:

  • opening it to all our students, including those in the Foundation year, regardless of their age or nationality;
  • expanding our support which, depending on a student’s situation, can amount from 25% to 50% or to 75% even 100% of total tuition costs.
  • setting ourselves a target of 10% of students whose tuition is entirely supported, which will double the proportion of students having access to our programme.
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