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How to benefit from the “Equal Opportunities” scholarship

10% of students can benefit from free tuition for the 5-year program in interior architecture and object design.

Since 2016 we have strengthened our equal opportunities program by opening it up to all students at the School, including those in the Foundation year, and regardless of age or nationality. By increasing this assistance, which depends on a student’s situation, the financial support we offer varies from 25% to 50% or even 100% of total tuition costs.

This financial assistance is awarded on social grounds by a committee composed of several people from the School, external advisers and a representative of the CROUS. It meets in June, just after the results of the entrance exam are announced. These grants are added to the CROUS scholarships for Part I and Part II of the Five-year diploma program.

René-Jacques Mayer – Directeur de l’école Camondo


All students admitted to the Foundation Course or in the first year of the 5-year diploma program for the start of the 2017 academic year are eligible for the Equal Opportunities grant without age constraints or geographical limits.

Students already studying on a course at the School may benefit from the program under the same conditions as in previous years.



To apply, you must complete the file sent to you by the School at the same time as your admission notification and attach all the documents requested, justifying your financial, social and geographical situation.

The grant is renewed each year to the extent of the student’s personal commitment and his or her continued financial situation.


Download the application for assistance for the Foundation Year

Download the application for assistance for the 5-Year Program


You can sponsor a student for up to 5 years, until he or she graduates. A lasting support can guarantee a real safety in a student’s training. By becoming a member of our “Equal opportunities” programme, your company will benefit from many advantages, for each of the years you subscribe to the programme:

  • Promotion of your company’s name (for a donation of 5 000 € or more);
  • Mentioning of your company’s involvement in all of our School’s communications (School’s website) and in Les Arts Décoratifs’ yearly status report;
  • The creation of a hyperlink to your company’s website from that of our School;
  • Your involvement in the School’s life;
  • An exclusive bond with our School;
  • A private guided tour of our School during the Open Doors days and on the occasion of the Graduate Projects exhibition;
  • An invitation to our yearly lunch hosting sponsors and their beneficiaries;
  • A chair for one of your firm’s representatives on the grant committee (open for donations of 5 000 € or more per year and over a 5-year period);
  • Financial compensations for the Musée des Arts Décoratifs *: one-day free passes all year long;
  • Invitations to exhibition private previews
  • Private guided tours of temporary or permanent exhibitions. *Up to 25% of your donation.
  • Tax concession: a 60% tax reduction of your donation’s amount, on your income tax or corporate tax, within the authorised limit of 0.5% of your annual turnover. Possibility to transfer excess turnover over the 5 following fiscal years (law of August 1st, 2003 on sponsorship);
  • Sponsoring and scholarship: starting from a yearly donation of 8 000 € by your company for at least 5 years, a scholarship bearing your company’s name will be created and your collaborators will therefore be sponsoring one or more students.

You may support a student over a period spanning from 1 to 5 years. A durable sponsorship guarantees our students a safe and serene curriculum. By becoming a member of our Equal opportunities Programme (Egalité des chances – TN.), you will benefit each year from various advantages such as:

  • Your involvement in our School’s life: exclusive bonds with our School: private guided tours of our School during the Open Doors days and on the occasion of the Graduate Projects exhibition; invitations to the private preview of temporary exhibitions of Les Arts Décoratifs, in accordance with your donation.
  • A chair on the grant committee (for a > 5 000 €/year donation, over a 5-year period)
  • If you agree to it, your name can be mentioned on our School’s website and in in Les Arts Décoratifs’ yearly status report (donations > 500 €)
  • Tax concession: a 66% tax reduction of your donation’s amount on your income tax (IR in France) or on your wealth tax (ISF), within the authorised limit of 20% of your annual turnover. Possibility to transfer excess turnover over the 5 following fiscal years (law of August 1st, 2003 on sponsorship, article 200 of the French Tax Code);
  • Wealth tax (ISF): a 75% tax reduction of your donation’s amount, within the limit of a 50 000 € donation. (Article 885-0 VbisA du Code Général des Impôts – French Tax Regulations).
  • Sponsoring and scholarship: starting from a 5000 € donation per year, a scholarship bearing your name will be created to sponsor one or more students.

That is what a 5-year curriculum at the Ecole Camondo actually costs, not including the Foundation year (approx. 6 000 €). A 25 % (i.e. 11 000 €), a 50 % (i.e. 22 000 €) or a 100 % (= full funding, i.e. 44 000 €) individual sponsoring can be allotted, based on a student’s financial resources (which can be added to the Crous’s grants) over the 5-year period of education, except in the case of a change in the student’s financial situation.

Of your donation is directly allotted to our “Equal opportunities” programme. We do not charge any handling fee.

This figure corresponds to the number of students who have benefitted from our “Equal opportunities” programme since its foundation for an amount of 468 000 €. In 2016, our 42 scholarship holders, representing 12% of our headcount, were sponsored thanks to a total donation of more than 100 000 €.

That is the proportion of students we wish to help being sponsored each year, thanks to your donations, 10% of whom with a full scholarship.

Your sponsorships along with our School’s input have enabled us to fuel our programme up to 690 000 € since its creation in 2008; 180 000 € of which solely on the year 2016, thus guaranteeing our scholarship holders to be sponsored all throughout their curriculum at Camondo.

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