The Interior architect & designer imagines our living spaces for today and tomorrow

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Becoming a partner

Longstanding partners of our School’s history, industrialists, manufacturers, design brands and public authorities, but also biennials, fairs and festivals have been taking part in improving our training thanks to the partnerships developed through time. At specific times in the school year, each class of students is asked to tackle architectural issues through project workshops and intensive workshop seminars. Besides, our school encourages student mobility through academic partnerships stimulating exchanges in France and abroad. Our School has also been concurring with Cumulus, the international network of applied arts schools, since 2016.

Business partnerships


Becoming an exclusive partner on a project workshop or intensive workshop seminar, taking an active part in the analytical and creative processes that our teachers – all skilled practitioners – conduct in all the years of both our cycles is: a chance to help our students imagine living environments, their uses and the experience one drives from their functions. Becoming an exclusive partner means helping our students define new spaces, create universes and atmospheres in the residential as well as in the workplace, hotels, restaurants and reatil units, in services whether private or public, in scenography, stage design and museography. A specific framework regulates relationships between our partners, our students and our School, at home as well as abroad.

Academic partnerships


Our School’s Interior architect – Object designer’s degree is endorsed by the State. Each year, we welcome foreign exchange students. We also send some of our students abroad, in years 2 and 3, for the duration of a whole semester in various national and international schools: The University of Montreal, the ESA Saint-Luc in Brussels, The Glascow School of Art, The Politecnico di Milano, the University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires

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