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Academic partnerships and exchanges

The international dimension of a curriculum is a major stake in building one’s professional pathway. It enables participating students to test their potential to innovate and design inside a new cultural framework, and adapt that potential to new social, economic and environmental approaches or codes. This experience also offers a chance to develop one’s adaptability to unknown contexts.

Our School favours mobility of its students and regularly offers study abroad experience in our partner HEI (Higher Educational Institutions) in France and abroad. This mobility is developed within a framework of exchange programmes set up by a developing network of Higher Educational Institutions.


Academic partnerships favouring mobility inside the E.U.

In Europe, our School has signed bilateral agreements with Higher Educational Institutions of Applied Arts in Scotland – the Glasgow School of Art – in Italy – the Politecnico di Milano – and in Belgium – the ESA St Luc Brussels.


Bilateral conventions for Non-EU study abroad programmes

Beyond the European borders and partner countries of the Erasmus + Charter (hence not liable to mobility grants), our School has signed study mobility and credit mobility agreements with the Faculté de l’Aménagement de l’Université de Montréal and the Universidad Belgrano de Buenos Aires.


Contact : Margaret Iragui, in charge of international development

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