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Atelier Campus

At the start of the term of January 2018, the école Camondo began “Atelier Campus”, an innovative teaching program enabling students to discover craftsmen and their hand-made skills.

The Bettencourt-Schueller Foundation is the founder patron of this program dedicated to the excellent know-how of traditional and contemporary craftsmanship, applied to interior architecture and design.

“Craftsmen are part of our culture. Craftsmen are full of amazing diversity in terms of personalities and practises, and are in constant evolution. Comprising history and innovation, craftsmen are an endless resource for creators, and a real think tank for the industry. Passed down, passion, innovation, entrepreneurship…craftsmen lead to human development. Both manual professions and artistic professions keep provoking new callings. Professions of the past and of today, craftsmen are most importantly professions of tomorrow.”


The Bettencourt-Schueller Foundation


“With this new program, the school’s students will possess the tangible tools to understand know-hows in order to better use them in their future professional career, and enable a dialogue between craftsmen, decorative arts and the elaboration of spaces of today and tomorrow to take place.”


René-Jacques Mayer, Head of the Ecole Camondo

The program


Aware of society’s general movement towards dematerialization, which is perceptible within the school with the dematerialization of its tools, the Ecole Camondo has wished to reinforce student’s confrontation with materiality and know-hows through a program open to all of its students. Its aim is the discovery of all the possibilities craftsmanship has to offer, developing awareness to materials and techniques, as well as the comprehension of the challenges at stake within these specific traditional sectors.

Since the beginning of the January 2018 term, all 334 école Camondo students, from the first to the fifth year, participate in immersive two to four day sessions in workshops and manufactures. In January and March of 2018, 22 workshops and public or private institutions have welcomed and shared their know-how with the school’s students, along with the research-practitioners or staff members of the Ecole Camondo.

A unique and pertinent approach for future space designers.

For their generous involvement in the “Atelier Campus” program, the Ecole Camondo wishes to warmly thank:

Cité internationale de la tapisserie d'Aubusson

Centre International des arts verriers

Opéra national de Paris

Lefèvre tailleur de pierre

Sèvres Cité de la Céramique

Sèvres Cité de la Céramique

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