The Interior architect & designer imagines our living spaces for today and tomorrow

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See the album of the Ecole Camondo’s degree projects every year.

Embracing a free subject requires students to define an area, identify an issue, find a sponsor, come up with a programme, list limitations, implement a method and develop a project, mastering all aspects while reducing any difficulties, be it in terms of furniture, objects, spaces, uses or all of the above, anticipating every detail of the materials used.

All challenges and approaches, from those who seek and experiment, those who build within the existing framework and those who stage live performing arts to those who invent the services of tomorrow.

These subjects are often associated with work constructing a well-founded, documented, critical and self-aware rhetoric that each student had to develop in writing their dissertation. Patient, year-long work culminating in the production of a written document, quite often an artefact in its own right, the quality of its layout rivalling the pertinence of its contents. Work that is the crowning achievement of five years of study, the legitimate imprint left by five years of work, sharing and creation; for every student, every year, from every class.

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