The Interior architect & designer imagines our living spaces for today and tomorrow

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Our 5-year Curriculum as an Interior architect – Object designer

Both a humanist and a universalist, the Interior Architect-Object Designer works on various scales, from the smallest object to the whole city.

As a craftsman and a general contractor, he or she restores as much as he or she designs; the Interior Architect-Object Designer builds the perceptible materiality of the environment he or she can design, on demand. The IA-OD convenes knowledge and skills and explores the cultural contexts he or she intervenes on. Considerate of technical and societal transformations, continually open to dialogue, the IA-OD knows how to meet unprecedented programmes and come up with new functions.

The interior architect-designer diploma from the Camondo school is registered on the RNCP level 7 (RNCP37031 file), published on the France Compétences website.

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