The Interior architect & designer imagines our living spaces for today and tomorrow

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The 2nd cycle (4 and 5 years)

Starting in year 4, the interior architect-object designer’s programme is based on cross-disciplinary courses and a progressive training method where project workshops are being tutored to let our students explore their own pathway in accordance with their interests, tastes and career prospects.

In September 2023 in Toulon, and in September 2024 in Paris, Camondo school launches a master’s degree in English (English Track), for students who consider an international career.


The second cycle also organizes itself around the production of a research paper. In order to promote an individualized academic career, the school offers a choice in a portfolio of elective courses given on three grand fields :

New Interior Designers / High-end decoration

  • 1. Contemporary art and design in the project
  • 2. International contemporary panorama
  • 3. Bespoke design
  • 4. Historical diagnosis
  • 5. Artists in space
  • 6. Style culture


  • 7. Brand visual communication and graphic design
  • 8. Digital and interactive design
  • 9. Semiotics
  • 10. Experience retail
  • 11. Scenography?–?museography
  • 12. Scenography – stage design
  • 13. The Image Factory

Spaces for tomorrow

  • 14. Public spaces, Contemporary architectural environments
  • 15. Building Information Modelling
  • 16. New daily spaces
  • 17. New spaces of the life cycle
  • 18. New manufacturing methods
  • 19. A sociology of prospective uses
  • 20. Modelling colors

During the second cycle, our students are also asked to produce a research dissertation.

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