The Interior architect & designer imagines our living spaces for today and tomorrow

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The 2nd cycle (4 and 5 years)

Starting in year 4, the interior architect-object designer’s programme is based on cross-disciplinary courses and a progressive training method where project workshops are being tutored to let our students explore their own pathway in accordance with their interests, tastes and career prospects.


Our teaching method interbreeds 3 teaching blocks from the 1st cycle (Interior Architecture / Object Design / Creative Research & Development). Project workshops are thought through with a global and cross-disciplinary approach both in object design and interior architecture. Up until the diploma, project workshops are being tutored to small groups of students, by a pair of teachers, one being an interior architect, the other an object designer. This specific choice derives from the reality of a productive crossbreeding from both disciplines and from the wealth the user can derive from their common approach.

In order to improve our students’ individual educational pathway, our School offers a wide variety of subjects: 18 elective courses spanning over 3 great territories:

New Interior Designers / High-end decoration

  • 1. Contemporary art and design in the project
  • 2. International contemporary panorama
  • 3. Bespoke design
  • 4. Historical diagnosis
  • 5. Artists in space
  • 6. Style culture


  • 7. Brand visual communication and graphic design
  • 8. Digital and interactive design
  • 9. Semiotics
  • 10. Experience retail
  • 11. Scenography?–?museography
  • 12. Scenography – stage design
  • 13. The Image Factory

Spaces for tomorrow

  • 14. Public spaces, Contemporary architectural environments
  • 15. Building Information Modelling
  • 16. New daily spaces
  • 17. New spaces of the life cycle
  • 18. New manufacturing methods
  • 19. A sociology of prospective uses
  • 20. Modelling colors

During the second cycle, our students are also asked to produce a research dissertation.

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