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The “Atelier Maquette”, Model Workshop

The “Atelier Maquette” of the school is a place that offers students technical advice, tools, and machines enabling the realization in volume of all artistic or technical projects linked to their studies (study, structure, rendering, and detail models; art works, furniture, prototypes, etc. …)

Accessible to students from all years, the workshop provides on site hand tools, and supervised portable electric tools, and machine tools.

It enables students to work wood, polystyrene, plastics and resins, brass (cutting, sanding, turning, milling, welding, small thermoforming, etc. …)

Atelier pedagogy and functioning

The person responsible for the model workshop offers students a methodology and technical advice allowing the realization in volume of all or part of their projects. He evokes with them the technical possibilities of realization. He provides hand tools and portable electric tools to allow students to work their materials autonomously.

The technical knowledge of the person in charge of the workshop enables him, after meeting with the students, to create pieces on machines or tools not accessible to the students, which will be used to elaborate the model. He can also, after selecting a project, take on the realization of a scaled model with the student following the progress. Depending on the technical constraints, this model scale 1 will be realized entirely within the school, or with external partners.

Contact: Jean-François Paineau

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