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1st year enrolment (Paris & Toulon)

  • 1st year enrolment is via Parcoursup.
  • Applications for the entrance competition must be made at Parcoursup.
  • Entrance to the school is selective and via an entrance competition.
  • A baccalauréat (any stream, or foreign equivalent) is required.

The key dates for Parcoursup

17 January > 14 March

Register to specify your preferences.

15 March > 3 April

Finalise your application (complete your application and confirm your preferences).

17 April > 18 April

Replies for eligible candidates. If you are selected for these assessments, you will receive an email from Parcoursup to register for the admission interview.

18 April > 20 April

Registration period on Parcoursup for the admission interviews.

23 April > 30 April

Admission interview.

30 May > 12 July

You will receive replies from your chosen courses and make your decision.

For more information,


Candidates of any age may apply for entry into the first year, provided they have obtained the baccalauréat or an accepted foreign equivalent.

Candidates still in education may also be accepted to sit the entrance competition. In this case, acceptance in contingent upon the candidate obtaining the baccalauréat.

Registration for the entrance competition is via Parcoursup. There is a fee of €50.

The competition takes place over two stages: eligibility and admission.

The following elements are taken into account for eligibility:

  • the candidate’s academic record – evaluation criteria: the candidate’s conscientiousness, commitment and progress since the first year of sixth form (première in France).
  • the candidate’s application essay, which must answer the question “Why are you applying to Camondo?” – evaluation criteria: knowledge of the school, its areas of study and its opportunities, the candidate’s motivation.
  • A portfolio to be uploaded, consisting of around a dozen varied creative productions (drawings, photos, links to videos, written pieces/poems/texts, etc.), in A4, .JPG or .PDF format. This must be uploaded via Parcoursup.– evaluation criteria: curiosity, sensibility and commitment.

Eligible candidates who have obtained at least 10/20 upon assessment of this application will be admissible.


If you are selected for these assessments, you will receive an email from Parcoursup (dates pending)

Eligible candidates must:

  • respond to a subject that will be sent to them with their notice of eligibility, which they must do at home. Submission conditions will be specified by the school.
  • attend an oral assessment in person, which will cover their response to the subject and their personal portfolio.?Additional work may be presented at this interview (in screen-sharing mode, for example).

Oral assessments/Interview

The oral assessments or interview will take place via video for all candidates

dates pending

The oral assessment lasts around twenty minutes and takes place before a committee made up of two teachers, who will examine the response to the subject. The admission criteria are as follows

  • Response to the subject /20
  • The candidate’s ability to project themselves within a space, their creativity /30
  • The candidate’s ability to present an argument /20
  • The candidate’s ability to demonstrate a level of general culture and to summarise /20
  • The candidate’s maturity /10

The interview will take place by video for all candidates.

Candidates must provide proof:

  • of a minimum B2 level in French for foreign candidates (non-native French speakers)
  • and of a B1 level in English (non-native English speakers) for all candidates
  • €150 competition registration fees
  • €300 administrative fees; non-refundable, due only for the first registration for the course;
  • €9,000 annual tuition fees in the first year, due upon registration and refundable if the candidate fails their baccalauréat or in the event of force majeure, option to pay in several instalments.
  • €12,000 annual tuition fees for the graduate course (years 4 and 5), due upon registration and refundable in the event of force majeure, option to pay in several instalments.

All students can, depending on their resources:

  • Receive the “Equal Opportunities” grant
  • Receive CROUS grants

To finance your studies:
Caisse d’Epargne offers loans at a specific rate.

To make an appointment with a Montparnasse Agency adviser
T: +33 (0)1 71 39 13 19

More information in the digital brochure

At the start of the academic year, students must provide a copy of their residence permit, in addition to a study visa.

They can also apply for the school’s Equal Opportunities grant.

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