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Useful tips Camondo Paris

You are a French or a foreign student. Follow our guide to make your student life easier regarding your administrative procedures.

Regarding your education at Camondo, two types of financial helps are possible: The “Equal Opportunities” Programme for the Foundation year and the Curriculum, and the CROUS  (for the Curriculum only).

Student status

  • Students benefit from all the advantages of student status (social security, CROUS benefits, etc.) and from the State grant system (agreement of 22 November 1990 for the 5-year course).
  • This status applies to students in the Preparatory Cycle. However, they are not eligible for CROUS grants.


Affiliation to the general French social security system is compulsory and free of charge to all students.

Social security reimburses 70% of the cost of medical consultations and 30% or 65% of the cost of medication. In addition to this compulsory system, “mutuelles” (additional private insurance policies) can supplement this coverage so that care is free of charge.

All new students, regardless of the year of entry, must undergo a medical examination (€50 for the year).

Taking out a mutuelle policy is optional. It ensures a better level of reimbursement for medical expenses and supplements the percentage reimbursed by social security, even covering certain expenses not otherwise reimbursed.

You can only take out a student mutuelle policy if you are an affiliated member of a French social security scheme.

  • This affiliation is automatic for French students.
  • European students should use their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). If you do not have a European Health Insurance Card, you must register for the French general system (see below).
  • International and French students from Nouvelle Calédonie or Wallis and Fortuna should request their affiliation to the French social security system by registering at


Download our student accommodation guide.

Financial support

Camondo students can obtain two types of support:

  • The Equal Opportunities grant
  • The Crous grant

For more information on student life at Camondo, please contact Amandine Langlois and  Céline Leterre

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