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Camondo school offers, in Paris for 75 years and in Toulon since the start of the 2019 academic year, teaching methods and a curriculum in link with the professional sphere and our contemporary society. Our partners are a privileged intermediary between professionals and students. They allow for the creation of spaces to experiment creatively, they ask contemporary questions regarding our use of objects and places and they conduct intensive workshops, crossed-teaching experiences, special projects, the outcome of which helps come up with smart, innovative solutions for companies.

With the Mediterranean context as a strong background for all its actions, Camondo Méditerranée builds its programs in close relation with Toulon-Provence Méditerranée who has welcomed the school in Toulon, with the internationaly renowned art center Villa Noailles and with the very many cultural and economical actors the area.

The school’s list of partners is constantly evolving and regularly updated.


You wish to contact the Camondo school for an educational partnership:

Educational Director, Course and Foundation Course, Camondo Paris: Charlotte Poupon
Research and Postgraduate Director: Alexis Markovics
Director of External Relations: Cendrine de Susbielle

Would you like to offer internships or publish job offers?

Head of Careers: Amandine Langlois

École Camondo, member of the World Design Organization (WDO)®

Founded in 1977, the WDO® is an organization dedicated to the promotion and development of industrial design. Bringing together an international network of over 215 member organizations, it advocates “design for a better world”. By joining the WDO, Camondo offers its students a range of exclusive advantages: forging links with peers from all over the world, increasing international visibility, benefiting from a rich and varied program, and taking part in exclusive events.

APCI, created in 1983 under the impetus of the French Ministries of Industry and Culture, is a national association of general interest dedicated to the promotion of French design. In collaboration with its members and partners, it implements actions to promote design in France and internationally. Its actions contribute to the influence of French design, notably through the Designer(s) du design exhibition and its participation in the Conseil national du design (CNDes). APCI also coordinates a network of regional players, organizes events such as France Design Week and has set up a network of Design Labs. Concerned with the professional integration of young designers, it organizes the Forum Design, mode d’emploi.

Camondo x Lafuma : partner workshop – Rethinking the Lafuma icon « Le fauteuil relax / 0 Gravité »

Workshop Transpromo 2024 – 2nd semester

  • Teachers : Marie-Aurore Stiker-Metral, Sébastien Boissard,
  • Context : rethink the brand’s iconic “0 Gravity” recliner to celebrate 70 years of furniture history.

Camondo x MUJI : partner workshop

Workshop Transpromo 2024 – 2nd semester

  • Teachers : Olivier Védrine, Caroline Ziegler
  • Context : MUJI calls on students from the Camondo school to design furniture, sales aids and scenography for the Olympic Games, which can be adapted to 5 stores in Paris and Lyon.

Camondo x Soca : partner workshop

Workshop Transpromo 2024 – 2nd semester

  • Context : creation of a seat for the hotel industry, as part of a responsible design approach. Our partner, Soca, is a publisher and manufacturer of design and made-to-measure furniture, working primarily in the hospitality sector. Soca manufactures seating, sofas, benches, ottomans, stools and headboards for hotels, restaurants, reception areas, museums and local authorities, all essential components of your interior design. Soca has been involved in design for the public sector since 1980, and works with designers and customers in the hospitality industry to develop architectural and decorative concepts, with a range of published products and custom manufacturing services. Soca was awarded the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) label in 2022.

Camondo x Les Sismo : partner workshop partenaire

Workshop Transpromo 2024 – 2nd semester

  • Teachers : Olivier Védrine, Caroline Ziegler
  • Context : initiation to “design with care” and discovery of the ethical creative process.

Métropole TPM Toulon

Camondo Méditerranée – Pipady/ Métropole Toulon Provence Méditerranée

“From Mayol to Pipady”, a 44-hectare restoration project located between the Mayol stadium and the former Môle des Torpilles in Pipady, at the intersection of the city and port of Toulon, 4th year.

  • Teachers: Bernard Moise, Margaret Iragui
  • External contributor: India Mahdhavi

See the research drawings

Ship ST Jean Louis Etienne École Camondo

Camondo Méditerranée: a sailing boat for exploration in partnership with Ship-ST and Jean-Louis Etienne

“The Pole Route” – Designing a scientific sailing boat for Arctic Ocean exploration. Design project for the future wind-powered boat, around fifty metres long, the aim of which is to allow oceanographic campaigns and voyages to discover remote areas in the polar regions.

  • in partnership with Ship-ST – Marine engineering firm – Mr Laurent Mermier and Jean-Louis Etienne
  • Teachers: Margaret Iragui and Bernard Moïse – with support from Christophe Chedal Anglay- Designer – Naval Architect. Interior architecture and design year 4, 2020.

See the projects

Prix Jean Prouvé

Camondo: Prix Jean Prouvé: Designing common spaces in a sixth form college

Prix Jean Prouvé 2020: winners ex-æquo, two teams from the Ecole Camondo – 4th year, teachers: Caroline Ziegler and Paul Marchesseau.

The winning projects came from the Ecole Camondo in Paris and embody the ambition for a third place based on complementarity between the material and the immaterial. As such, they remain true to Jean Prouvé’s critical approach to materials and a form of thought through the void, allowing human energy to be expressed, as emphasised by Philippe Starck.

See the projects: “Beyond the walls: furniture for a mobile school” and “Key: a school that makes connections”.

The two winning teams of the 2020 prize will work with students on the vocational course to produce final degree works encompassing the widest range of crafts and professions, from service-based activities to manufacturing excellence. The Prix Jean Prouvé from the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports, in partnerships with the CNAM and Vitra France, draws on the creative forces of our French design schools to drive innovation within the school.

Chanel école camondo

The 19 M – Centres dedicated to the crafts of CHANEL

Camondo: 19M – Centres dedicated to the crafts of CHANEL
Project workshop – year 4 students – semester 2 Interior Architecture & Design

  • Teachers: Jean-Baptiste Auvray – Emmanuel Bénet – Sebastien Boissard – Tania Cohen – Eric Jourdan – Charlotte Juillard – James Tinel – Vincent Tordjman – Evangelos Vasileiou – Dan Yeffet
  • Context: use interior architecture, design and scenography to develop a considered and inventive way of welcoming the public and conveying the spirit of its centres of craft within a cultural programme rooted in the region.

See the winning projects here

Alstom école Camondo

Camondo: Alstom: Public space, mobility

Project workshop – year 4 students – semester 2

  • Teachers: Jean-Baptiste Auvray – Emmanuel Bénet – Sebastien Boissard – Tania Cohen – Eric Jourdan – Charlotte Juillard – James Tinel – Vincent Tordjman – Evangelos Vasileiou – Dan Yeffet
  • Context: project exploring the public space and aediculae in the specific context of minor train lines or “petites lignes”, continuing the work carried out during a workshop with ALSTOM, as well as exploring passenger compartments in trains of the future and the areas and regions surrounding these minor routes. These aediculae could accompany new services and new uses in the public space, in line with the specificity of the lines.

Hermès école camondo

Camondo: Hermès – visual communication

Workshop – year 4 students – semester 2

  • Teachers: Julie Linotte, graphic designer, Olivier Védrine, interior architect and designer
  • Context: Design of a photo studio as part of a communications event. The photo studio is the preferred medium for the message conveyed during the event. Offered as a specific experience for Hermès’ customers, visitors and guests. The device immerses them in the theme of the event or allows them to keep a souvenir of it (printed or posted on social networks).

Tarkett école camondo

Tarkett : the ultimate flooring experience

Intensive workshop for 4th year students. Interior architecture – 1st semester 2016-2017

  • Teachers: Bernard Moise.
  • Context: creating a creative, immersive space, tailored for events and built with Tarkett products, mostly Luxury Vinyl Tiles.

Mije école camondo

Auberge de jeunesse/ Mije : shared housing in the ‘Marais’ neighbourhood, at the heart of Paris.

Workshop for 4th year students. Interior architecture – 1st semester 2016-2017

  • Teachers: Aki Cooren, Bruno Borrione, Sébastien Boissard, Tania Cohen, Anne de Robert, Caroline Ziegler, Vincent Tordjman, Eric Jourdan.
  • Context: creating an innovative youth hostel for MIJE in the Paris ‘Marais’ neighbourhood.

l'oréal école camondo

L’Oréal: the retail area in a hairdresser

Intensive workshop for 4th year students. Interior architecture – 2nd semester 2016-2017. Retail design.

  • Teachers: Laure Meyrieux and Didier Ghislain.
  • Context: brand analysis, working with a client demands, creating user-experience scenario. Physical expression of a brand within a limited space. Cohabitation of multiple brands in the retail area. Creating a memorable, personalized shopping experience.

T&P Work UNit école camondo

T&P Work UNit: not working is work. Environment or mood?

Intensive workshop in Saint-Etienne with 10 students from different school years as part of an extracurricular experience – 2nd semester 2017 – from the 3rd to the 5th of April 2017 at the 10th International Design Biennale of Saint-Etienne, dedicated to the transformations of working practices this year.

La Vallée Village

La Vallée village: the dressing room, mirror of our personality

Intensive workshop for 3rd year students – 2nd semester 2017 – from the 16th to the 20th of January 2017.

  • Teachers: Bruno Lacour-Veyranne and Rodolphe Parente.
  • Context: the dressing room in a private environment, a shop or a hotel room.

SNCF école camondo

SNCF Design Tank: trains for tomorrow

Mandatory project subject for 5th year students.

  • Teachers: Emmanuel Bénet, Mathilde Brétllot, Marie-Christine Dorner, Eric Jourdan, Marco Mencacci, Patrick Nadeau, Vincent Tordjman, Evangelos Vasielou.
  • Context: this subject envisions the interior deign of the train as the embodiment of the evolution of our environment and our means of travel. 3 templates :


  • the new ‘Océane’ TGV
  • the ‘OuiGO’ TGV
  • a touristic train (MOB train,  between Montreux and Rochers-de-Naye )
  • an Orient-Express type

Hermès école camondo

Hermès: The Saut Hermès’ brunch

Workshop for 4th year students – 2nd semester 2017.

  • Teachers: Caroline Ziegler, Sébastien Boissard.
  • Context: Physical expression of the creativity of a renowned French brand in a historical Parisian location : the ‘Grand Palais’. Creating a unique, memorable and personalized experience through scenography.

action logement école camondo

Camondo: Action Logement, France Habitation, ADIM et HEC: shared housing on the HEC Campus.

Project workshop for year 4 students – semester 1

  • Teachers: Bruno Borrione – Sébastien Boissard – Tania Cohen – Aki Cooren – Eric Jourdan – Anne de Robert – James Tinel – Vincent Tordjman
  • Context: work on a series of buildings built in the 60s by René Coulon, design of a building as an example of experimentation on the future of student housing.

adam montparnasse école camondo

Camondo: Adam: Refurbishment of the Adam shop in Montparnasse

Project workshop with year 3 students – semester 1

  • Teachers: Jean-Pierre Cornuet, Anne Sophie Harnisch, Margaret Iragui, Anne de Robert.
  • Context: refurbishment of the Adam shop in Montparnasse. Both the organisational and the identity aspects are central areas of focus. Explore the programme (and uses), identity, site.

cosentino école camondo

Camondo: Cosentino: Surfaces: coverings that speak to us

Workshop with year 4 students – semester 2

  • Teachers: Caroline Ziegler, Rodolphe Parente.
  • Context: the aim of this workshop is to create a project using a surface material (Silestone®, Dekton®) made by the company Consentino. Explore Consentino’s products as capable materials and come up with ways of separating them from their common and habitual uses – as coverings for kitchen and bathroom surfaces.


Camondo: EPFL+ECAL Lab

Intensive workshop year 3 students

  • Teacher: Margaret Iragui (Ecole Camondo) and Nicolas Henchoz (EPFL + ECAL Lab)
  • Context: the workshop is focused on the Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab 2, located in the Artlab building designed by the architect Kengo Kuma, on the EPFL campus. The workshop with the Ecole Camondo aims to explore questions specific to this programme:

How can we inhabit an immersive space used for audiovisual archives?
How can we reinforce the perception of the content on display by proposing a way to occupy the space?
How can we reinforce social interactions in and around the space?
Which tools could help us achieve these objectives?

inha école camondo

Camondo: INHA – Designing a signage environment for the Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art

Intensive workshop – year 4 students – semester 1

  • Teachers: Julie Linotte and Olivier Védrine
  • Context: in-depth study to create new signage by developing graphic design within the space: solving a problem of identity, visibility, spatial fragmentation and highly varied users.

université Paris Descartes Camondo

Camondo: Paris Descartes : “A school in revolution”. When a school becomes an innovative space: reconsidering living and working spaces in light of education 3.0

Intensive workshop for year 4 students – semester 1

  • Teacher: Bernard Moise
  • Context: the project consists of rethinking the uses and educational environment of the Cordeliers building (approximately 9,500 m2) built in the 1970s, now deserted by its users and ill-equipped for the digital revolution in which the Paris Descartes Faculty of Medicine is engaged.

plurial novilia école camondo

Camondo: Plurial – Designing all of the furniture for use in social housing, rented furnished by the company Plurial Novilia to seniors in shared housing

Project workshop – year 2 students – semester 2

  • Teachers: Pierre Brichet, Philippe Costard, Jeremy Edwards, José Ferreira.
  • Context: How can restructuring rented social housing combat the economic fragility of residents and, above all, the social isolation of elderly people?

philarmonie de paris école camondo

Camondo: Cité de la musique – Philarmonie de Paris: Basquiat and music: Scenography for the exhibition Basquiat at the Philharmonie

The teams at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Cité de la musique – Philharmonie de Paris have worked on an unprecedented exhibition project on the great importance of music in the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat. The aim of this project was to intimately and intelligently explore the way in which a work – in this case, of art – can blossom through dialogue with another discipline – music. The scenography project also illustrated how an artist can, in his production, metabolise a complex ecosystem comprising an era (the 80s), an atmosphere (the NY underground), encounters (Madonna, Andy Warhol, etc.), a culture (his Haitian roots, his status as a black American), models (the great Jazzmen – Charlie Parket) and emotions cultivated by living and working to music.

Once the theme and context of the exhibition were set – to give the visitor this unique experience, making them really feel the role of music in Jean-Michel Basquiat’s practice – and the public areas of the Philharmonie on the ground floor had been explored, it was up to the students, as part of the set topic, to build their own subject in all its dimensions.

Set degree topic, 2019/2020.

Read about the teachers and the jury here

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