The Interior architect & designer imagines our living spaces for today and tomorrow

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The école Camondo develops reflection and research activities centred on our living environments.

The school is interested in the uses and experiences expected of spaces with different functions: housing, work, hotel trade, catering, commercial environments, assistance environments, private or public, scenography and museography.

Its investigation fields cover the human sciences, social sciences and artistic practice in an interdisciplinary way.

In addition to its research seminar entitles “Ambiance pour habiter” (Living atmospheres) the school carries on its academic production through conference cycles within its walls.


#Outside– 12/13 September 2019

Inside/outside: at first glance, these are two distinct opposites, one delimiting the other through exclusion. Architecture shapes and embodies this apparently fixed duality within a space: the protective, familiar, stable inside, demarcated by the walls, provides shelter, countering the potentially dangerous, foreign, vast and changing outside that surrounds it.

#Sacred– 3/4 September 2018

Four key themes are explored in this lecture series: sacred and technical; sacred and secular: limits and separations; time and sacred experience; light and shadow. Le Chaudron #Sacred is a festive and active opportunity to explore these inspiring issues and enjoy insight from artists, designers, architects, musicians, philosophers, writers, exhibition curators and more.

#Property– 4/5 September 2017

Properties of materials, property of production means, intellectual property, property of use, appropriation and creation. Le Chaudron invites teachers, researchers, students, designers, architects, legal experts, philosophers, artists and more to act and come together, debate and share concepts, knowledge and perspectives on our living spaces, from objects to cities.

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