The Interior architect & designer imagines our living spaces for today and tomorrow

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Becoming an interior architect-designer

The Ecole Camondo works passionately to bring out the potential in each of its students, and to guide them throughout their course as they learn a profession that is a distillation of culture and technology, constraints and freedom, history and future. It does so through structured and progressive teaching, founded on the pedagogy of the project that constitutes a form of active, personalised and exacting teaching.

The school trains future interior architects-designers following the guiding principle of a cross-disciplinary approach encompassing space and the object. At the intersection of art, economy, technology and social and environmental conscience, this wide-ranging course promotes work on environments and atmospheres.

Teaching at the Ecole Camondo aims to train designers who are capable of working on every stage of design and production, in order to create living spaces for today and tomorrow.

A comprehensive course guided by excellence

  • The course programme at the Ecole Camondo takes place over 5 years and 10 semesters. This period fully covers the concept of liveability on every scale, from its programmatic, creative and analytical dimensions to the practical and technical aspects that also need to be acquired by the end of study.
  • The profession of interior architect-designer is taught at the Ecole Camondo with all the diversity and complexity that it involves today. Students learn to develop their own perceptive qualities, to establish links between objective and subjective information, to formulate their ideas through persuasive theoretical languages and, finally, to deal with every aspect of their projects: visual, technical and regulatory.
  • The project develops from shape to substance, from the outside inside, from atmosphere to detail. Disciplines are recognised through credits to facilitate student mobility, with the Erasmus Charter (ECTS system) in particular.
  • The school has seen its title of interior architect-designer (French official journal of 28 April 2013) renewed in the French National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) at level 1 (postgraduate equivalent).

Teaching open to the outer world

By the end of their studies, the interior architects-designers trained at the Ecole Camondo are not only able to work with a wide range of professions, but also to identify partners capable of offering solutions with high added value for a project’s context.

Furthermore, students are trained to be able to analyse the situations and specificities of the programmes on which they will work, on a cultural, historical, technical and technological level, and as precisely as possible.

To equip the students for these essential aspects of their future profession, and to enable them to develop their own creative and critical identity, the Ecole Camondo takes an exploratory approach, open to all disciplines related to interior architecture and design. This open approach, an integral part of its educational project, prepares students for greater mobility in a wide range of professions which themselves are constantly changing. Two programmes form the pillars of this openness:

  • The start of each university year brings a “Chaudron”, a themed event that takes place over two days, during which students attend lectures and debates run by researchers, practitioners, experts, journalists and more.
  • Similarly, “Uses & Atmospheres for living”, a research seminar in interior architecture and design, spans the entire year and contributes to this exploratory and open approach taken by the École Camondo.

A degree recognised and awarded on behalf of the French government

Since 28 June 2016, the Ecole Camondo has been authorised by a decree of the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research to award a degree at the French level of Bac +5 (postgraduate equivalent) in interior architecture and design. Since July 2021, this Bac +5 degree has been recognised as equivalent to master’s level.

Now, added to the professional recognition of the RNCP, is the academic and international recognition of the ministry.

These achievements are the fruit of the educational work of all teachers, supported and guided by the administrative team. This recognition pays tribute to the nature and breadth of the skills acquired by the school’s graduates.

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