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The F.Y.’s training culture

In order to produce, explore and experiment the intricate relationships linking perception, space and use as much in their complexity as in their wealth, from the closest to the most remote, we propose workshops covering topics structured around two major poles.

école camondo cycle préparatoire

The Foundation year’s programme

Semester #1 –> From the body to daily functions

  • the tactile, volume and matter
  • the visible, colour and composition
  • the audible, space and sound
  • the olfactory, scents and colour
  • the gustatory, textures and uses

“Spin classes”: practice and knowledge

  • Drawing
  • Live model
  • Visual communication
  • Personal project
  • Culture of contemporary arts


  • Information on schools and professions
  • Intensive personal project
  • Semester 1 assessment
école camondo cycle préparatoire

Semester #2 ––> From “home” to the global city

Out of the private sphere, from the closest neighbouring landmarks down to more global and urban issues, the topic addresses a wordage, codes, techniques and a comprehensive appreciation of the city.

  • domestic territories
  • circulations and transitional spaces
  • the dream city, between foresight and utopia
  • plans, structures, diagrams
  • Landscape fictions

3 key moments

  • Intensive competition file
  • Mock competitions
  • Assessment of semester 2

Courses dedicated to the fundamentals and to the constant improvement of our students’ skills:

Drawing -> exploration of graphic tools, mediums, formats, practicing gestures, and education of the look on objects and landscapes, in order to reveal a comprehensive expression of projects according to all sensitivities.

Live model drawing -> The human body as a classical and endless topic, to seize notions such as proportions, volumes and structures.

Courses dedicated to the fundamentals and to the constant improvement of our students’ skills:

Visual communication -> Exploring notions such as arrangement, graphic design and layout.

Contemporary Arts culture -> Field trips, visits and lectures, to learn and comprehend while developing a critical eye and an inquiring mind.

Classes can take place on the three sites of the Institution: Monceau, Rivoli and Raspail. Application file to be sent to:

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