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The Factory, 2022


Since their origins, the decorative arts, interior architecture and design have explored the relationships between creation and industry through a prism of human societies. We are reminded of William Morris’ famous text, How We Live and How We Might Live, which heralded the issues of our time.

In order to tackle these contemporary issues (climate, energy, social, territory, digital, etc.), we must question our production methods, the ways in which we fabricate worlds, our relationship with the fabrication of objects, our roots in various territories and places, etc.

This is the theme that we have chosen for Le Chaudron 2022: The Factory

A factory at the intersection of craft and design, a territory factory, a social factory, a digital factory, a knowledge factory, a factory for the world and a shared factory are just some of the expressions that inform us about contemporary practices in interior architecture and design.

By qualifying borders, systems and the digital world, Le Chaudron 2022 proposes to present journeys, projects and perspectives that offer responses or challenges to these different issues.

Factory and Frontier(s)

* The traditional separation between craftsmanship and design disciplines is now being challenged by contemporary practices, profiles, tools and issues. This theme aims to present projects and practices that offer up potential responses to the new porosities appearing between manufacturing and design, thinking and doing…

Factory and System(s)

* The issue of expertise and manufacturing questions our relationships with territories and cultures and allows us to envisage new territorial and societal pairings. This theme aims to present projects and practices capable of modernising our systematic approaches from the perspective of expertise, economy and territories.

Factory and Digital World(s)

* Digital manufacturing tools challenges our artisanal and designer practices by offering new design and manufacturing tools. All this challenges approaches to production and distribution, intellectual property and the value of the objects produced. Digital issues, such as Web 3.0 and the metaverse, also question the role of the designer and interior architect and deserve the attention of these disciplines.

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