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The ENSA Paris-Val de Seine and the Ecole Camondo sign a teaching partnership

partenariat académique


With complementary teaching and professional fields, ENSA Paris-Val de Seine and the Ecole Camondo (which trains students in interior-architecture and object design) have decided to collaborate on an educational partnership.  It will primarily concern:


  • a combined teaching offer: each school offering classes open to Master 1 students from the partner institution from the beginning of 2017.
  • a student exchange program for one semester: from the beginning of the 2017-2018 academic year a maximum of three students from each school will be able to follow one semester of classes at the partner school during their 3rd year.
  • the creation of dual projects: the possibility for 4th year project groups from both schools to work on the same study cases, groups working in parallel, with designated time to meet one another, along with mixed juries from both schools.
  • mutual access to educational resources and equipment loans.


The ‘école nationale supérieure d’architecture’ (ENSA) Paris Val de Seine currently teaches nearly one out of ten architecture students in France.  Over 220 teachers and roughly 70 members of staff and technicians enable ENSA to offer high quality teaching to its 2,000 enrolled students.  L’ENSA Paris-Val de Seine ENSA Paris-Val de Seine is a government operated school that awards national higher education diplomas.

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