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Business meeting days

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Dedicated to our year 5 students, the business meeting days facilitate exchanges and counselling from an array of practitioners as varied as interior architects, artistic agents and directors, object designers, manufacturers, art gallery curators, journalists, alumni, legal experts, entrepreneurs…

In March, for this event, the Ecole Camondo has invited Dominique Serrell, Aline Luisin and Carole Nelaton (legal experts for the MAF insurance company – Mutuelle des Architectes Français), Chantal Granier, Claire Le Quellec (CAO of the CFAIFrench Circle of Interior Architects, TN.), Maryam Bozorgmehr and Patti Brown (Agence Parenthèse), Jérôme Ducros (Banque Populaire), Wilhelmina Huguet (Saif), Aline Biasutto (Carpenters Workshop Gallery), Paul Marchesseau (Dant et Artel), Marie-Christine Dorner et Michèle Roset and Cendrine de Susbielle. On this occasion, we also have also organised a specific “Alumni conference” featuring Margaux Botton, class of 2015, interior architect-object designer, founder of Gnou Studio, chief set designer for Studio Bagel Canal +; Morgane Bertin, class of 2015, interior architect-object designer, staff member of Jouin Manku; Olivier Oksman, class of 2014, freelance interior architect-object designer and associate designer at  Agence Auvray; Adèle Flachard, class of 2012, free-lance architect and interior architect-object designer, associate designer at AMO; Flore Lenoir, class of 2010, interior architect-object designer, founder of Muni&co, Elsa Pochat, class of 2010, interior architect-object designer, industrial designer at Foster & Partners in London and free-lance designer; Simon Caillaud, class of 2007, interior architect-object designer, Design studio manager at Bureau Betak; François-Xavier Fonbonnat, class of 2006,  in charge of the Furmiture Design Dpt. at Gilles & Boissier

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