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Montreux Jazz Héritage Lab Ecole Camondo and EPFL+ECAL Lab


workshop abroad

15 September 2017

From  September 6 to 15, 2017 twelve 4th year Camondiens traveled to Lausanne for a workshop organized with EPFL+ECAL Lab, led by Nicolas Henchoz. The Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab program of research and exploration began in 2009 at the EPFL+ECAL Lab. Its mission is to explore digitized audiovisual archives, in particular concert recordings. It is based on the Montreux Jazz Festival archives, the largest audiovisual archives of blues, jazz and rock concerts in the world, registered in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register. Under the direction of Margaret Iragui (Ecole Camondo), the students worked on the following questions:

· How to inhabit an immersive space intended for audiovisual archives?
· How to strengthen the perception of the contents displayed by proposing a means of occupying the space?
· How to strengthen social interactions within and around the space?
· What devices can contribute to achieving these objectives?

The students were able to carry out exploration and prototyping work using the means at their disposal.

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