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Screening of Judith Du Pasquier’s film “Portrait of my sister as an artist” at the Camondo Méditerranée school.



Screening of the film "Portrait of my sister as an artist" by Judith Du Pasquier at the Camondo Méditerranée School


Maison de la Créativité – 1 parvis des Ecoles, 83000 Toulon 

As part of the “Arrangements 1993 – 2023” exhibition by Nathalie Du Pasquier at the Hôtel des Arts in Toulon (March 9 – April 27, 2024), the Villa Noailles is organizing a screening of the documentary film “Portrait of my sister as an artist”, which Judith Du Pasquier dedicated to her sister in 2021. Both artists will be on hand to chat with the public after the screening. 

The exhibition highlights the drawings produced over the last thirty years by this artist, who has lived in Milan for over 40 years, where, after being a founding member of the Memphis group in the field of design and architecture in 1980, she has devoted herself mainly to painting since 1987.

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©Nathalie Du Pasquier

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