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Exhibition scenography and sustainability


9 February 2023

As part of the research seminar “Usages et Ambiances pour Habiter” and the programme “Scène, performances, théâtralités“, Laure Fernandez presents :

Exhibition Scenography and Sustainable Development

Guest: Kinga GREGE

6.30 pm – 8.30 pm

Today, the exhibition set designer is faced with a new challenge: to respect, in his specifications, the rules dictated by the circular economy and sustainable development. Beyond the sourcing and use of certain materials, the reflection leads to imagining new spaces that favour reuse and to moving towards a global design approach based on sobriety.

These are themes familiar to Kinga Grege who, after training at the Versailles School of Architecture, then at the Ecole du Louvre, specialised in exhibition scenography, which could be described as “eco-responsible”.


Exposition AFDH

Exhibition « Aux frontières de l’humain » MNHN-Musée de l’Homme, scenography Agence Marianne Klapisch 2021 © Luc Marie

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