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Marie-Christine Dorner and alumni at Cassina


Camondo Community - exhibition

May 10th, 2017

« D’un Casier à l’autre… un nouveau Standard » (“From one Casier to another… a new Standard” – TN.) is a D’Days festival exhibition at Cassina.

Designer, interior architect and Camondo teacher Marie-Christine Dorner was asked to gather some of her former students and now alumni around a workshop which took place in March 2017. Drawn from Le Corbusier & Pierre Jeanneret’s  LC Casiers Standard Cabinet, the project’s aim was to question the notion behind the word “standard” by reinventing a piece of furniture through a unique and personal perception. The 8 projects designed by Kristina Chrastilova, Grégory Chrétien, Pierre-Adrien Dumoulin & Eléonore Satger, Constance Frapolli, Lara Grand, Xavier Martin, Pauline Masson and Marc-Antoine Voisin were exhibited at Cassina’s brand new showroom, Rue de Turenne.

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