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Marta Budkiewicz showing Ligne(s)

Camondo Community - exhibition

June 10th - July 1st 2017

Progress Gallery, 4 bis passage de la Fonderie 75011 Paris

Ligne(s) is a drawing project which was done on location at the gallery, following two precise protocoles. The objective wasn’t to create any specific pattern (the pattern resulting from the path of the line), merely to follow the self-imposed directives and constraints needed to complete this work.

The intensity of the line, itself linked to the sensitivity of the hand, varies and creates a new form of writing. Direction, starting and ending points, all can undergo variations, depending on the elements that may change the final trajectory. All lines are born out of the same movement but the share of unexpected, of fate or simple human mistake guide this work to a form of liberating imperfection, granting the work its uniqueness. Through the line, a veiled fragility surfaces underneath the imposed rigour of this creation.

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