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The Cutlery Show


Camondo Community - exhibition

May 2nd – 14th, 2017

IBU Gallery, 166 Galerie de Valois Jardin du Palais -Royal 75001 Paris

Nothing bears less ordinariness than the cutlery we use everyday! But some designers like to take up the challenge of giving a new life, a new purpose, a new aesthetic and sometimes even a new sense… to objects, which are but simply the extension of our fingers. Valérie Traan launched the project for this collective exhibition of original pieces as part of the D’Days festival. Designers Anne-Sophie Moors (BE), David Clarke (UK), David Bernstein (USA), D.D.Trans (BE), DWA (IT), Eline Willemarck (BE), Gésine Hackenberg (DE), Giampaolo Babetto (IT), Harvey Bouterse (BE), Jaydan Moore (USA), Joo Hyung Park (KR), Karl Fritsch (DE), Koichi Futatsumata (JP), Maarten Baas (NL), Marie Christine Dorner (FR) (Teacher at Camondo), Maki Okamoto (JP), Muller Van Severen (BE), Myra Mimlitsch-Gray (USA), Nils Hint (EE), Octave Vandeweghe (BE), Studio Jinhyun Jeon (KR), Studio Wieki Somers (NL), Yuya Ushida (JP), among others …

Sponsored by Poilâne.

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