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The Board of directors

Les Arts Décoratifs are a French cultural institution covering museums, schools and a library, all dedicated to the art of living, the decorative arts, interior architecture, object design, textile and fashion design, advertisement and graphic design.

A national institution


In December 2004, the UCAD (Union Centrale des Arts Décoratifs – TN.) decided to become Les Arts Décoratifs. In changing its name, the institution simplified and modernised a label created under the industrial era. Originating from private initiatives, our institution today still bears a certain singularity. As a non-profit organisation promoting public interest, it is bound to the French State under a regularly updated convention.

A specific culture


The Musée des Arts Décoratifs’ collections and that of the Musée Nissim de Camondo belong to the State. 47% of our institution’s funding comes from its own resources to finance our cultural and patrimonial policy. The representatives seating on the board of directors mainly come from the private sector. Our model, whose relevance has proven its worth for over a century, results in the very specific culture, which is our own. It guarantees a tight relationship between designers and sponsors, a bit like what can be found in manufacturing.

Hélène David-Weill

Pierre-Alexis Dumas

Pierre Bergé

Jacques Bungert

Claude Janssen

Cécile Verdier

Jean-Jacques Aillagon

Jean-Paul Claverie

Gérard Errera

François Laffanour

Susan Liautaud

Martin Roth

Bruno Roger

Patrick Sayer

Jean Solanet

Kristen Van Riel

Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Patrick Sayer


Jean Solanet

Kristen Van Riel

Marie-Christine Labourdette, Directrice, chargée des musées à la direction générale des Patrimoines

Régine Hatchondo, Directeur général de la création artistique

Michel Ramos, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication

Daniel Ohana, Sas Experts et Commissaires

Orientation non prise en charge

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